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What is Withyourconsent, and what does it offer me?

Withyourconsent is a free informative service that also rewards you with points (Libra) for each commercial message you click on, or each survey you fill out, which is adjusted to your interests profile.

How do I sign up?

By filling out our registration form in just one minute.

Can I be a Withyourconsent member if I don't live in Great Britain?

Yes, you can also register from outside Great Britain. Withyourconsent operates in:

  • España
  • México
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Chile
  • Brasil
  • Portugal
  • Great Britain
  • Personal area

    What is the personal area?

    The personal area consists of private pages that are only accessible for users registered with Withyourconsent.

    There you'll find information about your earnings, the details that you indicated when signing up, you can see and assess the last campaigns you received and modify any details that you want. Furthermore, you can unsubscribe if you're not interested in continuing to use our service.

    Can I delete my account whenever I want?

    Yes. You just have to indicate this in your personal area, in your profile, by clicking on the "Delete account\” button.

    Can I modify my personal data or my preferences?

    Whenever you like. You just need to access your profile within your personal area, enable or disable the categories you want to change, and click the button to update your data to save the changes.

    Is my data protected?

    Absolutely yes. Withyourconsent records its client database on la Agencia Española de Protección de Datos y cumple con los requisitos exigidos por la LPD (Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal). Our server is properly protected. Your data will only be used to filter advertisers' messages and surveys in accordance with your profile. We are obliged to not transfer your data to any other company. For more information, you can access this website's legal area.

    What are cookies, and how do you deactivate them?

    A cookie is a chain of text that is included with the requests and responses of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Cookies are used to keep status information when different pages of a website are explored, or when the User returns to this Website later. Cookies CANNOT be used to run code (run programmes) or to send a virus to the machine.

    Email messages

    How many messages will I receive?

    This will depend on the interest that the advertisers have in the Withyourconsent lists.

    On the other hand, you should consider that all our campaigns are targeted, in other words, they are sent to a sample, not to the entirety of the database.

    Is it possible that I receive a virus by accident?

    Our messages are always sent in HTML format, and never contain executable attached files, which means that it is impossible for us to transmit a virus through our emails. That means you don't need to worry. We guarantee that you won't receive any virus from Withyourconsent.

    How will I be able to identify which emails come from your service?

    All the messages that we send you will come in the name of information@withyourconsent.uk. We strongly recommend that you save our sender address (information@withyourconsent.uk) in the address book on your email app or your webmail. In this way, you can prevent Withyourconsent's messages from being sent to your spam folder.

    I'm having problems with the messages received from Withyourconsent

    First of all, ensure that your email or webmail application is not filtering the images. Try activating image visualization. One way for images to always be automatically visible is to include the sender address in your email or webmail application's (information@withyourconsent.uk) address book.

    The campaigns that you have not been able to view correctly from your email application can be accessed via your personal area. You can click on the latest campaigns to see the most recent messages we have sent you. There you can see all the active campaigns.

    How will you know that I've received the message?

    At Withyourconsent, we check that every message sent reaches its recipient. Messages that have been returned to our server because they were not sent to a valid email address will lead to the user being unsubscribed. Therefore, it is important to update your email address in your personal area.

    Where should I click on the messages I receive?

    On any link contained in the campaign that you receive. When visiting the advertiser's page, it will be recorded that you have read the promotional message. For surveys, you will receive 0.05 points when you click on the specific link indicated for this purpose. The survey will only be paid if you complete it in full.

    How are messages logged?

    Withyourconsent's accounting process is an automated system. When you click on a link in the campaigns, you'll be directed to the campaign advertiser's page, and it will be automatically recorded in the database that X has logged campaign Y. After a few hours, the numbers are updated in your personal area.

    Will I receive spam?

    No. The Withyourconsent team reviews the content of the emails that are sent to registered users and does not allow them to be sent in cases where the content does not meet the expected conditions of service.

    Can informative emails from the Withyourconsent community be logged?

    No. The Withyourconsent team informs its users of news such as new services offered by the website. These emails cannot be counted by users, as they are simply informative and not commercial.

    Premium messages/sign-up messages

    What is Withyourconsent Premium?

    Withyourconsent Premium​ is the Withyourconsent mode that pays you for signing up using an advertiser's form. For the commission to be valid and correctly applied, you should include real details when signing up.

    How much do you pay for each sign-up?

    The general commission is 0.09 points per sign-up, with some exceptions.

    Every time you receive a Premium message, we'll indicate how much you could earn, and when the campaign expires at the bottom of the message. Bear in mind that we need to check the veracity of the sign-ups with the advertiser, meaning that payment will depend on these checks (it may take us a few days to be able to transfer the balance to your personal area).

    I have referrals (people I've recommended). How much will I get for their activity?

    This also depends :)

    We've made many changes to our membership system. Now we also reward the number of friends you bring to Withyourconsent. We've established different levels of members, depending on how many referrals you have. In this way you will be:

    From 1 to 100: 10% of the points generated by your referrals in any campaign
    From 101 to 750: 15% of the points generated by your referrals in any campaign
    From 751 to 1,500: 25% of the points generated by your referrals in any campaign
    More than 1,500: 50% of the points generated by your referrals in any campaign
    For each level, a particular percentage of the income of each one of your referrals will be established. This percentage will be defined for each campaign. Special mission bonuses such as poker, roulette, etc., will not apply.

    And how long do campaigns last?

    Normally, the end of the campaign depends on the objectives set by the advertiser. When we reach these objectives, we close the campaign and no more points can be earned. Those earned from this point will therefore not be valid. We will keep you informed of the campaigns' expiry dates.

    Will I be paid for downloading apps?

    Yes, at Withyourconsent we want you to keep earning money online and we have created this new Premium service. Remember to check each legal footnote to see the payment that will be made to your account once the information is verified.


    How does the new cashback service work?

    You can make any purchase on our website. When you make the purchase, check which reimbursement conditions you have. It could be a % of the purchase or rather a fixed quantity. Once the purchase has been validated by the advertiser, you will see the commission in your account.

    Do I have to sign up with Withyourconsent?

    Essentially yes, you need to be registered. We encourage you to register in less than 2 minutes and you'll have all of our services available to you.

    Do points/money add up to reach the minimum payment?

    Yes, everything earned will be included in your account and once you reach 25 points = £25 you can request the payment.

    Can I make as many purchases as I want?

    Yes, there is no purchase limit. You can make as many purchases as you like.

    When will I receive the money in my menu?

    Once the purchase has been validated by the advertiser, you will see the commission earned in your menu. Every first week of the month these validations will be performed.

    Where can I communicate with Withyourconsent if I have doubts?

    Via our contact form or our social networks @consupermiso or our Facebook account.


    How will you send me the money?

    There are two payment methods: via bank transfer, or via a valid PayPal account.

    When will you send me the money?

    Remember that payment authorizations will be made during the last week of the current month, and the payments will be made as of the 15th day of the following month.

    The only requirement is that the minimum transfer amount is 25 points = £25 due to administrative costs.

    How do I indicate how I want to be paid?

    When you have reached the 25 points = £25 required for payment, a "Process points\” button will appear in the "My balance" section. From there, you will be able to specify the preferred payment method and fill out the necessary fields for this.

    How much could I earn?

    Withyourconsent will pay you 0.05 points for each promotional email that you register and up to 0.05 points for each email that each one of the members you recommended this service to logs.

    Why do we incentivize recommendations?

    Because the more members there are at Withyourconsent, the more attractive this list will be to advertisers, and the more campaigns we'll be able to send to our users. And the more campaigns there are... there more you can add to your account!

    So, your total income depends on various factors:

    • The number of Premium messages (for signing up) that you log.
    • The number of messages that you log.
    • The number of paid surveys you fill out.
    • The number of messages (emails) that your referrals log.
    • The number of Premium messages (emails) that your referrals log.

    Let's look at an example:

    Balance calculation
    Concept Total
    2 Premium emails, at 0.09 points per valid sign-up 0.18 points
    3 emails at 0.05 points 0.15 points
    4 emails x 15 members recommended by you x 0.005 puntos 0.3 points
    1 survey x 0.9 points 0.9 points
    Total generated for the month 1.74 points

    * Note: this information is an example, and not a guarantee of sending volumes. REMEMBER: At Withyourconsent 1 point = £1.

    How do I know how much I've earned?

    By accessing your personal area on Withyourconsent. For this, it will be necessary for you to log in with your username and password. On the "My Balance\” screen, you'll see the points accumulated for the campaigns you have received directly, and those you've earned from your referrals, if you have any.

    Finally, on the left-hand menu, if you click on "Latest campaigns\” you'll see the messages you've received and if they are active, expired and/or logged.

    Premium messages have a special breakdown, as you can earn variably depending on your recommender rank.

    Can I sign up multiple times to earn more money?

    No. Only one account is allowed per natural person. Withyourconsent will not pay the same person more than once, even in the event that the same person registers 2 different email addresses (Withyourconsent must identify tax ID details for legal reasons when transferring the amounts earned).

    Withyourconsent reserves the right to unsubscribe those users who use the service fraudulently.


    How can I recommend Withyourconsent?

    On the members page you have all the ways of recommending Withyourconsent's service, and how to earn more points/euros (sending emails, banners for webpages, etc.).

    What is spamming?

    Spamming consists of sending an unsolicited email. This may be sent to personal email accounts or to public discussion groups. In all cases, spamming goes against Withyourconsent's philosophy and we firmly believe that recommending Withyourconsent in this way damages all involves parties (and for this reason we do not allow it):

    1. Internet users who receive unsolicited message find this bothersome and for this reason, they justifiably react negatively to the message.
    2. Users responsible for spamming do not achieve effective communication.
    3. Withyourconsent's image is seriously affected by carrying out this practice in its name, when it is clearly against its philosophy.

    If you want more information about our anti-spam policy, and about what to do in the event of spamming, head to our anti-spam policy.

    How will you know that it was me who recommended a particular member?

    To strengthen the interest of referrals in mentioning the person who made the recommendation to them, we award them 0.25 points in their account when they fill out the recommendation box.

    Can I see which members I have?

    We're sorry, but on Withyourconsent you can't find out which users you have affiliated. You can only know how many have mentioned you as a recommender in the affiliation/recommendation section in your personal area.

    We'll inform you via email if any of them unsubscribe.

    ¿Por qué no recibo saldo de mis recomendados?

    It may be due to various factors. If this is the case, to increase your balance in your personal area for referrals, they must receive our messages.

    It may be that your members don't receive emails because their account is blocked. They must unblock it to make it active. It's possible that they have received messages from Withyourconsent, but that they have not clicked on any links. If they don't log anything, neither do you.

    Finally, they may not receive emails that you have received because we only send campaigns to a sample of our database, not to everyone, depending on the socio-demographic target groups that the advertiser is seeking.


    What does it consist of?

    At Withyourconsent, as well as sending you emails, you can also earn points (Libra) and prizes in exchange for giving us your opinion. Market research institutes use the Withyourconsent database to send surveys about products, services and other studies for which your opinion is important.

    How am I paid for surveys?

    Payment for responding to surveys may vary depending on the study. At times, these are points that accumulate in your Withyourconsent account. At others, it's participation in draws where you can win fantastic prizes.

    You have to fill out the survey to log the 0.9 extra points.

    The extra remuneration will be added to your account at the end of the month.

    How many surveys can I fill out?

    As many as we send you, and that you want to fill out. If there are any you're not interested in filling out, you can leave them. However, remember that in this case you won't get your extra payment. Remember that you can only fill each survey out once, and the responses must be valid.

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