Anti-fraud policy


Once registered with the service, the user will be accountable for the veracity of the data provided, as well as the proper use thereof. iBrands Medios Interactivos, S.L. may block access to the website for any user who has provided false details, notwithstanding all other actions established by the Law.

iBrands Medios Interactivos, S.L. is exempt from all liability that may arise from improper or negligent usage, adopting the following measures with respect to the following matters:

What is considered spam?

Spam consists of sending a stranger an email that they have not expressely requested containing information, as well as messages in newsgroups, discussion groups (forums), noticeboards or chats in contexts other than the matter of Withyourconsent.

What is our anti-spam policy?

Withyourconsent does not allow this practice under any circumstances. For this reason, any user who sends spam will be immediately unsubscribed from the service, and will lose any balance they had accumulated up to that time. The reason is simple: junk mail not only bothers internet users, but according to a study by the European Commission it also causes them to use billions of euros a year.

What to do in the event of spamming?

If you suspect that you have received any type of spam from any Withyourconsent member, we kindly ask you to notify us of this using the contact form, so we can take the appropriate measures. Please provide as much information as you can, so we can verify the source of the spam.


The privacy policy and the conditions of service iBrands Medios Interactivos, S.L. take extreme care with obtaining and protecting our users' data, with the following measures:

  • Using the double opt-in sign-up system to verify data.
  • The option to unsubscribe at any time, eliminating all data instantly.
  • Requesting permission about what advertising you want to receive, and how often.
  • Providing the user with a safe, private area where they can see the data entered, and modify it.
  • Never selling to companies other than iBrands Medios Interactivos, S.L. without the user's consent.

What other cases will be considered reasons to unsubscribe a user?

iBrands Medios Interactivos, S.L. not only takes care of protecting its holders' data, but also its veracity which, along with spam, a user may be removed for being affiliated with two or more accounts, or for signing up with fraudulent data (e.g. a non-existent email address or mobile number, etc.).

You may only belong to one Withyourconsent community and be registered in a single country. Belonging to more than one is grounds for expulsion and automatic removal of a user. Furthermore, if the user is registered in the same (or another) country with temporary email addresses detected as fraud, this will also be grounds for removal from Withyourconsent.

Three consecutive bounces when sending messages will lead to being removed from the service, as this is considered an incorrect email account.

For referrals from links/sites that are misleading and that don't reflect the philosophy of the service.

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